TOP 5 NET GADGETS/FEATURES – (XMARKS, Meebo, Bing Cashback, Rapidshare, Google )

5 / 6 / 2010

My first Tech Post. I use these almost daily… Yupppp

XMARKS (Automatic Internet Bookmark Sync)

xmarks logo

Xmarks Discontinued on May 1st: Here are 7 Xmarks Alternatives to Try

Got this on all my computers and laptops. Find something on your laptop, tab it and then find it on your desktop. Fast, easy revolutionary and add it to your social media but first contact to check the social media law requirements.

UPDATE: Chrome and Firefox have now implemented the sync function natively 🙂 – this post is 9 years old

Meebo – Instant Messenger

I ditched instant messaging awhile ago for socializing (don’t have time) but when I do have to talk with a client or affiliate Meebo is the easiest way. It pretty much fuses AIM, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger into one and you don’t need to install it. Run from any computer. (this gadget via Jurf)

Bing Cashback

I have saved over hundreds of dollars on this site. Bill Gates is giving away free money!! Not a scam, only real catch is sometimes you have to wait 60 days to get your refund. I mostly use it on eBay Buy It Now Items. Pretty much once i find something I want, I login on search Wii click the eBay add then find what I wanted. It should say the total (usually 8%) when you check out. Takes me about 1-2 minutes and saves me 8% on everything I buy which is already dirt cheap!! Legit, been using this for at least 3 years. Probably got around $1000 cashback total for just using Bing’s search engine.

Watch this video to see how to get eBay Buy It Now cashback FAST

Rapidshare Account

I pretty much buy a membership every month and it is definitely worth it for finding software, music samples, videos, and all LARGE BOOTLEG FILES. I grab the links and load them into Internet Download Manager and download GBs of stuff daily. Leave it on overnight and you can get 10GB of stock footage to skim through. It’s nuts. Just do a google search “avatar bluray” and you should find your links in first few pages. Don’t have to worry about fake torrents or Limewire Piracy etc… RS BABY!!

Google – Yeah just plain old google!

If you are into net marketing or anything related to internet buzz like myself, googling yourself or even competitors is a very useful and simple tool. Googling “ty tha artist” (in quotes) shows me how many hits I have on the web and who is posting about you or bootlegging your stuff!! It also helps having a unique name (there are no other ty tha artist’s) because if you are getting junk in the results the overall hit count isn’t accurate. If you do have a common name like MGW or B-Dub I suggest using a more unique identifier to get a better internet presence. (MGW >> MGW Multimedia or B-Dub >> B-Dub of SkyHigh Ent.) The more unique the better. More importantly I use it to gauge the exposure of certain artists/projects. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.



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