iPhone 4s – Is It Worth the Upgrade?

10 / 5 / 2011

iPhone 4s – Is It Worth the Upgrade?

-4G Downloads twice as fast (14.4 Mbps from 7.2 Mbps)

-Dual Core A5 = 7x Faster Graphics

-1080p Video with image stabilization and better low light performance

-Integrated Siri voice recognition assistant

Engadget hands on review:

“We were able to spend a few quality moments with the refreshed iPhone 4 here at Apple’s campus, the Sprint flavor no less, and as you might expect… it’s an iPhone 4. But S-ier. Much in the same way that the 3GS improved the overall experience of the 3G, the 4S does likewise compared to the existing 4. The dual-core A5 chip is a laudatory improvement, and whisking about pages, loading the camera application and launching — well, just about everything — just feels zippier.”


Even though I wanted a redesigned body, I was happy with the expected faster downloads, dual core chip, and assistant feature. Also, the 1080p camera with 2.4 aperture was a surprise that makes the iPhone a whole different beast for shooting video.

Yes, I will upgrade, but I’m not eligible to upgrade until february 2012 so I may just wait until then and get the 32gb in white. We’ll see. If I test drive one and fall in love with the faster downloads I may not be able to wait the 4 months.

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