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Michael Marshall – Do You Miss Me feat. Rappin’ 4-Tay (Official Video)

October 2nd, 2018 | By TYTHAARTIST
Off the upcoming album “Simply Meezy” (Coming Soon)
Directed By: TY THA ARTIST for Official Multimedia
Camera Operator/Grip: Jurf

Music video by Michael Marshall performing Do You Miss Me. (C) 2013 Jakil Records

Panasonic GH3 (First Impression Review)

January 29th, 2013 | By TYTHAARTIST

Panasonic gh3

So I’ve been waiting for the Black Magic Cinema Camera to become available for close to a year now and I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled the trigger on a Panasonic GH3, which is currently sold out everywhere. How did I get it? I got it by searching google for “panasonic gh3” in the last 24 hours for about 2 weeks straight as I scoured over reviews and footage every day. I stumbled on a post that an Ebay store (KenmoreCameras) had a few in stock. I purchased it within minutes and by the end of the day, the rest were sold out. Came out to 1,312 which is very low since it was priced $1,299 with only shipping and NO TAX. Amazon would have added an extra $100 for tax. I’m a lucky man.


-Unlimited recording time (shame on you canon)

-Better codec (compared to the stock 60d is is alot better, compared to my magic lantern hack at 1.2% quality increase it is very close) Plus the 50mbps codec is edit ready, which is a huge timesaver compared to AVCHD. The All-I has weird macroblocking issues at the moment so I’ve been using the IPB setting.

-Less noise at ISO800 compared to Canon 60d (Canon 5d Mark iii is still ISO Noise king)

-The Metabones m43 with Speedbooster will be epic making my Canon glass just around 1.6 crop equivalent and a stop faster! (still in production)

-Easier to make my own low budget anamorphic lens

-Clean HDMI out (can provide super clean captures when paired with a Atomos Ninja or Black Magic Card)


-Focus on the 2.0 crop factor is harder to eyeball and the firmware update of focus peaking is much needed (panasonic is working on it)

-While the monitor is OLED, it does look better in high light situations, but the resolution of this screen is actually lower than my 60d making rack focusing even more difficult

-Bokeh is more football shaped than round

-Requires a m43 adapter to use my Canon glass (I bought the Kipon one with aperture control)

-Batteries are $80 bucks! (no knockoffs available yet)

-RAW Codec requires a Lightroom workaround for me to edit them in PS (Canon is still better for stills)


I’ve only used it for a few hours in San Francisco and I will share more as I use it more. As of right now, I feel it isn’t much better than a GH2 which is less than half the prive, but with the focus peaking and future firmware updates and hacks, I am confident that it will be a BEAST. Even with that said, I am still glad I made the purchase because the recording time limit of the Canon 60d (same with everything before 5dmk3) was getting too much to overlook with all these live shoots I’m doing now.

Mom Warfare (Score By TY THA ARTIST)

December 10th, 2012 | By TYTHAARTIST

Mom Warfare from Chris Morocco on Vimeo.

Check out the new short film directed by Chris Morocco. I did the score for this one.


Writer, Director, Editor & VFX: Chris Morocco
DP: Brian Christ
Score: Martin Wood
Talent: Richelle, Cameron, Margot & Cullen Wilkerson

Stress Relief Yoga with Dr Sara Gottfried

March 5th, 2012 | By TY

Check out the video I did for Dr. Sara Gottfried. She goes over how Yoga can relieve stress and shows you a Yoga pose called the “Butterfly.” Nice to shoot something different this time. More videos to come!

Backing Up Online – Crashplan

March 5th, 2012 | By TY


I just signed up for Crashplan on the $5 per month Unlimited plan which allows me to back up unlimited data and keeps my data on their server (Crashplan Central) forever! I went through the 30-day trial and was able to back up around 80gb mostly from home. I plan on uploading more in the coming weeks at school with much faster internet while I work on Concealed.

So why did I choose Crashplan? I am a digital creator of photos, websites, videos and have spent hundreds of dollars on extra storage in the last few months. The rule is, if it’s not on two drives, then be ready to lose it (data). I purchased a 4TB OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2 with Raid 5 and love it for it’s balance of speed and storage, but 4TB is filled up fast when you are working with multiple video projects, especially Concealed!

Compared to other plans, which are around the same price (Backblaze, Mozy, Carbonite), Crashplan was the best for me because it was not only unlimited, but kept archives FOREVER! This will be great for holding on to old video sessions which can easily be 200gb each.

Upload speed is also very important. I currently have around 3TB to upload so this process will take months on the fastest connection from home. When I set the Data De-Duplication to Minimal and Compression to Automatic, uploads now seem uninhibited by any Crashplan thresholds.

Also, I can’t afford to have the backup process slow down my work from home so the 2-5% CPU usage on my 2010 Apple Macbook Pro i7 is marginal and not really an issue. You can also limit CPU usage to a certain percent, but keeping it under 5 as it is, is fine. Also, you can limit upload rate when away and present on the machine for different speeds.

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