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Oakland Raiders Week 10 Recap

11 / 13 / 2010


The division is wide open, but the Raiders do have a harder schedule than the competition (Chargers and Chiefs). The Chiefs aren’t as good as their record shows and Philip Rivers has been beasting with whoever is receiving (WR Carousel). Last year it seemed like we played better against better teams (Beating Pittsburg Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles while losing to the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Browns). Those fluke losses to the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers could come back to haunt the Raiders.

Richard Seymour (DT)

Richard Seymour Raiders Week 9

Since Seymour came back after injury, he has plugged the whole and the run defense has instantly improved. He may not get Derrick Burgess eye-catching sack numbers, but he gets it done behind the scenes. He constantly gets double-teamed opening up sack opportunities for other players on the line. He has his ring and veteran presence which is needed on the young team.


Lil Ro ft. TY THA ARTIST – “I BALL” (Official Music Video)

10 / 30 / 2010


Lil Ro ft. TY THA ARTIST – “I BALL” (Official Music Video)
Directed and Produced By: TY THA ARTIST

Featured On:
We The West
Fight Music 360
Official Promotions Online
Young & Gifted Clothing
Houston HipHop
Keep It Trill
Trill South
WSHH Videos
Skrillionaire Status

Lil Ro (Himself)
B.I. (Himself)
Ironic (Himself)
Julian Vinatieri (Bad Cop)
Marco Zanipatin (Good Cop)

Production Crew:
Jurf, Phil Brooks, Marco Zanipatin.

Special Thanks:
Young & Gifted Clothing, F8FFilms/Hogg Mania DVDs, Harley Davidson, GoldToes & Thizz Latin.

TOP 5 Free iPhone Games: Angry Birds, Words With Friends, Scramble Challenge Edition, Chess With Friends, Eliminate Gun Range

10 / 22 / 2010

1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds iPhone

This game is one of the most popular iPhone games of all-time. You use a slingshot to shoot your birds that crash into jenga block style buildings that you hope topple your enemies. Different birds have different functions and you score points based on using the least birds to complete the level and how much destruction you cause. This game reminds me of the Worms game series and with the paid version ($.99), you get new level updates every few months. Even though I beat the game awhile ago, I still find myself going back to the hard levels that I didn’t get a 3 stars score on. Try the free version and you’ll probably get hooked.

2. Words With Friends

Words With Friends iPhone

Pretty much it is Scrabble with your friends! What’s good about it is you make moves on your own pace (more time to study your letters to form the Triple Words!). I still use the free version that comes with ads, but besides having to click off ads after a move, the free version is just as good as the paid version. My only con for this app is that you can’t play people who have Android phones. They are in the process of adopting Android so this app will only get better!


BET’s Top 10 Rappers of the 21st Century

10 / 17 / 2010

bet best rappers of 21st century


2)Lil Wayne
3)Kanye West
4)50 Cent
8)Young Jeezy
10)Rick Ross

My list:

1. Jay-Z (14x platinum)

I’m hoping Jay-Z was disqualified for being in their 20th Century list or some odd reason because Jay is the best rapper alive. The Blueprint is my favorite album of all time. Jay was consistent every year and never dropped a wack album. (more…)

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