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OWC QX2 Saves The Day!

October 10th, 2012 | By TY


I’ve been really busy lately editing multiple video projects and during an edit, my OWC QX2 started beeping. My drives were still accessible, but I discovered when I opened the case that the 3rd hard drive in the array went bad. So I sent my drive in to OWC and they sent a replacement in around a week. Now I just popped in the brand new drive and it’s rebuilding as I type! Very clutch for me in crunchtime and gives me peace of mind with all my precious data.

BTW – I bought this for $499 right before the Thailand floods which made prices go up on all hard drives. Now it is $649 and that’s almost 2 years after I got mine! I would recommend this drive to all video editors looking for a balance of storage space, speed, and redundancy. eSata is fast enough for spinning drive RAIDs and the Thunderbolt RAIDs are really only sensible to use with expensive SSD drives (spend over 5 times as much).

OWC Extreme Pro 6g 240gb Xbench

November 19th, 2011 | By TY

OWC Extreme Pro 6G SSD

OWC Extreme Pro 6g XbenchOWC Extreme Pro 6g Xbench

Here are my scores for my OWC Extreme Pro 6g. I am using it in the main bay on my Macbook Pro 2010 2.66ghz. It’s only 3g speeds, but I plan on upgrading my macbook pro in 2012 so I figured I might as well get a future proof ssd. Plus the 5-year warranty from OWC was a big selling point.

Startups are a bit faster, but in the real world I really enjoy the disk reads and writes when transcoding video. The 6g is definitely faster than my OWC Qx2 Raid 5 setup at the expense of space. 240gb vs 4tb. Love my OWC and don’t regret it one bit. Can’t wait to see it sing on a “Ivy Bridge” 2012 Macbook Pro.