Watch the Throne vs. Carter IV

9 / 1 / 2011


Watch the Throne vs Carter IV


Watch the Throne has been a favorite in my iPod since it dropped. It’s amazing how this CD didn’t leak. 436k the first week is pretty good considered it was exclusively sold on iTunes. Small-time record stores were outraged. They should be, because it’s hard enough to sell records as it is and a big release like WTT that didn’t leak could’ve helped alot of the few surviving record stores.

The beats on WTT were crazy and the lyrics were just enough to make them a favorite workout album for lately. “No Church in the Wild” really caught ear with Odd Future’s Frank Ocean crooning away more fuel for the fire of these illuminati theorists. Jay and Ye are just messing with your heads and reaping the benefits yall!

I can’t pick one track on the CD that I would skip! Maybe Otis since it’s the most played out one of them all, but even that track is decent. I wasn’t as impressed with it at first, but the Otis video brought it to a whole ‘nother level!

“The Joy” was a little boring, but still a good song and perfect outro. Jay and Ye did their thing with NO PROMO. Yes there was a lot of hype on this, but I expected it to fall short of the hype. Expecting a 3.5/5 and getting a 4.5/5 is a legit win for the Roc Boys. The only thing that could have been better was the lyrics. They got the job done, but were less than legendary and didn’t have those timeless quotables like Blueprint, The Black Album, College Dropout, or Graduation.


Carter IV. Wow, this CD is straight awful honestly. I actually deleted it after I skimmed through it and had to redownload to give it a little justice for this review. Carter III was a let down and I expected Carter IV to be a step back up after hearing 6 foot 7.

Also, I thought the jail sentence would give Weezy plenty of time to write lyrics(something he isn’t known to do) so I was expecting a Carter II quality album. The intro was horrendous. No need to quote any of the lines. Every 2 bars is another corny ass simile. Plus why is anyone still using the “he ain’t even go to class…. Beuller” flow anymore? I thought that died in 2010.

“She Will” is hot because T-Minus did his thing on the beat and Drake killed the hook. Besides that, not one other song made my iPod. I’m not a Weezy hater. I loved Carter I, Carter II when he was on that Gillie flow, but he’s been going downhill fast!!! Even Jada must have caught some of Weezy’s contagious corniness with “shoot me in the watch, i got time to kill”.

Lil Wayne Carter IV Skateboard

And dissing Jay-Z… Are you serious?

“talking about baby money/i got your baby money/kidnap your bit$% get that how much you love your lady money”

You two already collaborated together. You’ve always looked up to him, “best rapper alive, since the best rapper retired,” and you know he doesn’t respond to beef anymore. No upside in that battle. If Baby didn’t like the “baby money” shot then let him throw rocks at the throne. No need to step in Weezy.

“I’m straight, my girl a faggot.” Weezy said that on the same track.

Lil Wayne Jeggings

So I guess if you wear your girl’s pants then you’re calling yourself a faggot? SMH

Lil Wayne Jeggings

“How to Love” sounds like Weezy hijacked Wyclef’s inbox on this one. Not trying to hear this soft singing from Mr. SooWoop. At least the video came out clean.

On the sunny side, the beats on Carter IV were decent and the album could get some head nods from me if I’m distracted from listening the lyrics. “So Special” ft. John Legend and “Mirror” ft. Bruno Mars are somewhat decent though mainly because of the beat, hook, and less of the corny punchlines. I still see Wayne selling 700k first week off “She Will” and the enormous buzz and promotion. Every channel has Wayne on it. MTV, VH1, Fuse, etc…

Still rooting for Wayne to bring back the old hungry Weezy, but Carter IV isn’t it.


WTT – 4.5/5 Mics
Carter IV – 1.5/5 Mics

Jay-Z 1. Wayne 0. Let’s see how this plays out…….. And the crystal ball shows…

Lil Wayne The Carter 90
The Carter 90 Lil Wayne

Jay-Z Blueprint 13

The Carter IV vs Watch The Throne

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