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OWC Extreme Pro 6g 240gb Xbench

November 19th, 2011 | By TY

OWC Extreme Pro 6G SSD

OWC Extreme Pro 6g XbenchOWC Extreme Pro 6g Xbench

Here are my scores for my OWC Extreme Pro 6g. I am using it in the main bay on my Macbook Pro 2010 2.66ghz. It’s only 3g speeds, but I plan on upgrading my macbook pro in 2012 so I figured I might as well get a future proof ssd. Plus the 5-year warranty from OWC was a big selling point.

Startups are a bit faster, but in the real world I really enjoy the disk reads and writes when transcoding video. The 6g is definitely faster than my OWC Qx2 Raid 5 setup at the expense of space. 240gb vs 4tb. Love my OWC and don’t regret it one bit. Can’t wait to see it sing on a “Ivy Bridge” 2012 Macbook Pro.

iPhone 4s – Is It Worth the Upgrade?

October 5th, 2011 | By TY

iPhone 4s – Is It Worth the Upgrade?

-4G Downloads twice as fast (14.4 Mbps from 7.2 Mbps)

-Dual Core A5 = 7x Faster Graphics

-1080p Video with image stabilization and better low light performance

-Integrated Siri voice recognition assistant

Engadget hands on review:

“We were able to spend a few quality moments with the refreshed iPhone 4 here at Apple’s campus, the Sprint flavor no less, and as you might expect… it’s an iPhone 4. But S-ier. Much in the same way that the 3GS improved the overall experience of the 3G, the 4S does likewise compared to the existing 4. The dual-core A5 chip is a laudatory improvement, and whisking about pages, loading the camera application and launching — well, just about everything — just feels zippier.”


Even though I wanted a redesigned body, I was happy with the expected faster downloads, dual core chip, and assistant feature. Also, the 1080p camera with 2.4 aperture was a surprise that makes the iPhone a whole different beast for shooting video.

Yes, I will upgrade, but I’m not eligible to upgrade until february 2012 so I may just wait until then and get the 32gb in white. We’ll see. If I test drive one and fall in love with the faster downloads I may not be able to wait the 4 months.

iphone 4s release date

Concealed The Film: 360 Degree Film Project

August 8th, 2011 | By TY

Concealed 360 The Film

Concealed The Film Kickstarter

Concealed The Film: 360 Degree Film Project

Check out my thesis project for my 2011-2012 year at CSU Eastbay. We are doing something new by using 6 HD cameras to simultaneously shoot a crime mystery short film.

Read more about the project and watch the trailer at

Mobile-Optimized Websites – The Future of Entertainment Web

June 23rd, 2011 | By TY

Mobile Optimized Android iPhone

After becoming addicted to my iPhone, making a best practices crowdfunding, website was more of a priority. Also, the simplicity and portability of WordPress publishing made WordPress the preferred platform. With Apple remaining resistant to adopting Flash on it’s phones due to power and resource efficiency, According to using Javascript and HTML5 is the key to making a website mobile-optimized while not losing the original style of the layout. It is also important to add some sort of cyber security for your device when you are starting up a website, a mobile device management software is a great option for those who are looking to stay safe from intruders trying to steal information.

I worked for a tech company for a while that did Name Matching. The service they provided was very useful to people, and as such demand was high. We took pride in our reputation as a company with an excellent customer service track record, and as such we would respond to inquiries quickly – whether it’s answering the phone, replying to an email, or attending a customer at the store counter, customers don’t like to be left waiting after all. They made sure we knew, and reminded us often, that if you can’t attend to them immediately, you should let them know – via your phone message, a brief email, or verbally.

Many people enjoy gambling as a means of entertainment, but they are also aware that gambling can help them make money in websites like lottery sambad. You can also try playing games for free before you start using real money, which is an entertaining process that will become even more fun when you start withdrawing your winnings.5 mar. 2019

Future of Mobile-Optimized Websites

Mobile Optimized Websites

I’m almost done with developing an HTML5 Audio Playlist player for my sites. The files will be hardcoded in for the first release, but will also be cross-browser compatible with mp3 and ogg format and for any extra editing Read about RAID configuration for video editing on the website. Previously, I used Mixpod for my audio player since it can use YouTube videos for audio, but it relied on Flash to play and the quality is still from YouTube and highly compressed.

Medical Coding Solutions has waiting for the Black Magic Cinema Camera to become available for close to a year now and I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled the trigger on a Panasonic GH3, which is currently sold out everywhere. How did I get it? I got it by searching google for “panasonic gh3” in the last 24 hours for about 2 weeks straight as I scoured over reviews and footage every day. I stumbled on a post that an Ebay store (KenmoreCameras) had a few in stock. I purchased it within minutes and by the end of the day, the rest were sold out. Came out to 1,312 which is very low since it was priced $1,299 with only shipping and NO TAX. Amazon would have added an extra $100 for tax. I’m a lucky man.


Check out the first wave of Mobile-Optimized Websites in the Graphics section and watch out for future improvements as the web evolves!

SSD Watch: Corsair Force 3 vs Crucial M4 vs OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS vs OWC 6G

May 23rd, 2011 | By TY

Corsair Force 3 SSD

Corsair Force 3 250GB ($499)

4K Random (16k Read/66k Write)
Sequential Max (550k Read/520k Write) – Announced


-Low price (120gb-$219/250gb-$499)
-Low power consumption (2.0W max, .4W idle)
-Good reputation company


-Not out yet, no reviews or testing

Performance 3 (Lower Model) at StorageReview

Crucial M4 SSD

Crucial M4 256gb ($499)

4K Random (23k Read/98k Write)
Sequential Max (420k Read/235k Write)


-Lower Price $499
-Marvell controller will benefit from impending OSX Lion TRIM update
-Followup to popular C300


-Sequential writes aren’t flashy


OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS

OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS 240GB ($560)

4K Random (18k Read/87k Write)
Sequential Max (516k Read/250k Write)


-Lower Power Consumption than Vertex 3
-Faster IOPS than Vertex 3
-Only 20 bucks more than a Vertex 3


-Still a power hog
-Company quality and support has poor reputation


OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G

OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G 240GB ($580)

4K Random (33k Read/70k Write)
Sequential Max (485k Read/418k Write)


-Mac friendly
-Great customer support/warranty


-The Anand review and board wire is a little discouraging


Final Thoughts

I’m waiting for the Corsair Force 3 tests and results to drop before I pull the trigger. On paper, it looks like the best drive to come out so far, but only time will tell. If the tests fall short of the announced specs, I will most likely look to the Crucial M4 since the sandforce TRIM solution won’t be necessary with Lion. Also, the Sandforce speed looks good, but the non-Mac firmware updates are pathetic in this time/age. The M4 has better power consumption and 4k random speeds(most noticeable in real life usage) than the Vertex and 6G. If the Corsair Force 3 beats the M4 in 4K random and has good luck in Macbook Pros, I think we got a winner.


Corsair Force 3 Kit Guru Review
The actual tests of the Force 3 didn’t match expectations (higher than everything else out there) so it’s back to the OWC or the OCZ. The OCZ is a little better in speed, but the recently announced 30-day money back guarantee from OWC makes their support even better. I think I will get the OWC 6G and forget about headaches…. Also, M4 may creep up with release of LION with TRIM. Keep you posted

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