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Waiting for the Apple Cinema 27-Inch Display

September 22nd, 2010 | By TY

Waiting for the Apple Cinema 27-Inch Display



The New Display is now available for order and will ship in a week or two. Currently I am working on the 24 Inch Imac and will upgrade to the 27-inch display soon.



June 21st, 2010 | By TY

I just switched over to AT&T after completing my first iPhone app and got the 3GS in hopes of upgrading to the new iPhone 4 which was sure to drop within a month. Why didn’t I wait for the iPhone 4? I received news that the unlimited data plan would be cut off on June 7th so I bought the 3GS before the deadline.

iPhone 4 Features:

-Improved display. 960×640 = 4x as many pixels! More resolution than the human eye can handle (326dpi) so text should look as crisp as printed paper. NICE (fabolous voice)

-Video Chat. Only compatible with WiFi and to other iPhone users, but it’s still cool and a way of the future.

-Better battery. 16% more. YESSS. This 3GS battery dies especially if you tweet, facebook, or play games. I need a car charger bad.

-Smaller size. Should be easier to carry, but i actually thought the last body design was more sleek. But wait, with a gel cover on it you can’t see it anyway. Smaller = a +.

Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4

And this is not a 4G phone (AT&T doesn’t have 4g yet).

Presales are closed, but I’ll try getting mine on Thursday anyway. Not stressing over it because if they run out I can still reserve one. Not really in a hurry. Plus it might be cool to wait for the white one to drop since EVERYONE gets the black anyway.

**6/30/2010 UPDATE** I got my 32gb on the 29th and bought the Zagg Invisible Shield for it at bestbuy for $25. The most expensive yet worst screen protector ive ever encountered. Took awhile and was hard to put on. Once it was on it left a bubbly orange peel texture and I found out that that is how it’s supposed to look like. Why?? (Not Sexy). Plus the film is sticky and not smooth!! I need to use my finger tip and nails to navigate dummy! Sticky screen is pissing me off. The phone is legit though. Tested out the Facetime app with the homie Junco G. Battery lasts alot longer! No dropped calls yet (crossing my fingers). Already a big improvement from 3gs. Well worth it.

TOP 5 NET GADGETS/FEATURES – (XMARKS, Meebo, Bing Cashback, Rapidshare, Google )

May 6th, 2010 | By TY

My first Tech Post. I use these almost daily… Yupppp

XMARKS (Automatic Internet Bookmark Sync)

xmarks logo

Xmarks Discontinued on May 1st: Here are 7 Xmarks Alternatives to Try

Got this on all my computers and laptops. Find something on your laptop, tab it and then find it on your desktop. Fast, easy revolutionary and add it to your social media but first contact to check the social media law requirements.

UPDATE: Chrome and Firefox have now implemented the sync function natively 🙂 – this post is 9 years old


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